The Project


My name is Les Butcher. I am located in Elleker, very close to Albany in the south west of Western Australia.

I was born in England, but migrated to Australia about 30 years ago. My wife's name is Matina, and I have to sons Doug (30) and Tim (25).

I am a tool maker by trade, but have worked as a technician for an industrial food machinery company, two companies developing prototype machinery and have been/am a registered home builder. I lately spend my time fixing clocks, cars and doing whatever else is required whilst developing my clubman car.

I enjoy building and fixing things, including clocks and especially my sons cars when they have problems.(my son who developed this web page for me inserted the first part of this paragraph I expect fathers of teenagers who read this will find a common thread in their own sons thinking!)

Now my Wasp car is completed, I am looking to build a roadster style replica to offer as kit etc. Knowing how difficult and time consuming my project was, I believe I can make it a lot easier and quicker for other people to replicate what I have done.




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