The Project

The Chassis

The chassis as finished follows fairly closely what could best be described as Westfield or Locost type. Whilst if the three chassis were stood together little difference would be immediately noticed a few minutes with a tape measure would show up some notable differences [the torsional strength of the "Wasp" over the others basic chassis would be the first.] The "Wasp" has a wheelbase approx 100mm longer than the westfield, this accommodates the inboard rocking suspension and has the benefit of making an excellent long distance cruising vehicle and can also fit the tallest of drivers.

As mentioned before, Ron Champion wrote a book on how to build a clubman type car and a lot of people worldwide have started to build their own cars, unfortunately [or fortunately] I didn't hear of his book until I had almost finished my vehicle. I started with a very sketchy drawing of what the earliest Lotus 7 had looked like. It was amazing really that whilst in development I tried all manner of various configurations the more I worked at it the more it turned into a resemblance of the modern clubman type.

What's it made of:- 25mm sq x 2.3mm 450 grade steel tubing accounts for most tubing with 21mm round tubing to diagonlise the chassis.





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