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Can I Build the Kit?
What will I Need?


What we offer:

We offer a range of products and services designed to assist enthusiasts in the construction of a clubman type car.

Starting with a proven chassis and running gear package, right through to virtually complete kits.

Our kit has been in developed since 1998. Many hours of research and costly experimentation have been poured into this package. Our kit will save users a great deal of time, effort and money regardless of what level they are starting from.


Can I build the kit?

In our experience most enthusiasts, with a sensible approach, can complete a kit.

We understand that every customer has a different level of ability and experience. Realistically, some enthusiasts should not attempt a complete project from start to finish. We offer a assistance which is tailored to you individual needs.

Our mutual goal is to get your car finished and on the road.


What will I need?

• You will need to have a fairly comprehensive tool kit
• A decent workshop or shed (with workbench & vice etc)
• Time to spend constructing your car
• Most importantly, a strong desire to build you own sports car.



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