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Sorry this section is not complete yet but please find some initial but not final info regarding spirit sports cars ‘Wasp” clubman car.


What does rolling chassis package consist of ?
One chassis, mainly made of 25mm sq. x 2.3m high tensile tubing [ quite similar but not exactly identical to locost in book]

One set top, left and right front rocking suspension arms, [inboard spring set up] and one set bottom left and right front suspension arms

One set of rear trailing arms left and right consisting of four arms in total

One panard rod ready to accept adjustable rose joints

One escort rear axle casing modified to accept and connect with trailing arms and panard rod from chassis. [on exchange basis]

whilst I haven't worked out cost to the last dollar yet I am looking at a price around $3000 mark, definitely not less but not much more either.

Body panels :- Generic ones can be used for front and rear wings or I can provide them. I would have to provide nose cone and bulkhead if you wanted to go the fibreglass route my bulkheads is ally and steel but It could be supplied in fibre glass version which would be lighter.

Chassis was built to suit the Nissan SR20 motor 2000cc. An excellent motor, comes in two different forms normally aspirated and turbo. Mine is normal and I've easily had the car up to 180kphr so I don't think it really needs the turbo version but if its any help I rang the Jap car importers the other day for a different enquiry and a turbo version could be obtained as a front cut [ front cut gives all the wiring plus engine etc] for around somewhere between $2500 - 3500 the figure is a bit rubbery because I wasn't trying to pin him down to price etc at the time. The Nissan motor is taller than the smaller Toyota, 4ag/3ag so the Toyota engine could be fitted and of course othe 4cly engines could be fitted.

I can also offer other services such as shortening the escort steering rack required etc etc.

It should be noted that the chassis is absolutely identical to the chassis in the car I built and which is now licensed and running on the road, having passed the torsion test and other licensing requirements. The chassis for my car was also built and torsion tested without the ally outside skin fitted, normally required to make up part of the strength requirement for chassis.

The point of offering a chassis such as discussed is that you can be 100% certain that strength wise it will pass the dept of tpt requirements [with 4 cyl engine fitted]. I have certificate to state that 4250nm/perdeg was achieved on test.

Lead time ? well I have almost finished one available chassis and have only to make the front susp arms etc so not long at all. As much back up to help you in building as I can possibly give would be available to you.




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